Clint Heyer Publications





  • Method for con­trol­ling in­dus­trial ro­bots in a work area. Heyer, C., Anisi, D., Gunnar, J., Lillehagen, T. EP2466404: Filed 14.12.2010.
  • Control de­vice such as a con­trol bench or table for a con­trol room of an in­dus­trial process. Heyer, C. SE1000737-5: Filed 06.07.2010.
  • Device for dis­play­ing process re­lated in­for­ma­tion and pro­ject­ing im­ages with process data onto an ob­ject. Heyer, C. SE1000736-7: Filed 06.07.2010.
  • Protective bar­rier sys­tem with warn­ing func­tions. Heyer, C. SE1000735-9: Filed 06.07.2010.
  • Method for pre­sent­ing in­for­ma­tion to op­er­a­tors of in­dus­trial processes and/​or plants in which a de­vice or process is rep­re­sented by a vari­able sound. Heyer, C. SE1000734-2: Filed 06.07.2010.